WWE has never been praised for doing everything right.With failed storylines, stale characters, and too many segments, the company has been guilty of numerous sins over the years.

WWE's Hall of Fame is one thing the company does well.

There is no location for the hall yet, but what it represents is what matters the most.As a public recognition, the Hall of Fame honors a talent"s career, a career that could have spanned decades in the business.

The company thanks its customers worldwide in this way.

Having the chance to stand in front of their respected peers and a adoring audience must surely be a precious moment.WrestleMania weekend starts off right with the WWE and fans showing their gratitude with this wonderful event.

This year will be no exception, as the seven inductees are sure to enjoy their time in the spotlight.The Hall of Fame unveiling will take place on Friday.


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Eric LeGrand

Rutgers defensive tackle Lloyd LeGrand had a great future ahead of him before being sidelined by spinal injuries in 2010.The victim's injury was so severe that doctors thought he would never regain feeling and would need a respirator from then on.

Aside from getting some movement back, LeGrand also gained some sensation throughout his body and is breathing normally again. He is an inspirational speaker and has never let his medical condition be a barrier to enjoying life.

As far as the Warrior Award is concerned, LeGrand is the best example.

WWE is showing its respect outside the ring, and the Ultimate Warrior's name will continue to live on for years to come.

WWE was right to honor LeGrand with this recognition, and there is no better person to receive it this year than him.

Rick Rude

"Ravishing" Rick Rude, who died in 2006, was among the greatest forces of nature of the music industry.He had the perfect body, an evil attitude, and an ego that was larger than any ring in which he had ever performed.Despite that, he had talent and a deep understanding of the business.

Adding to that, he now has a Hall of Fame spot.

The man who wrestled alongside Percy Pringle in World Class Championship Wrestling and as part of Paul Jones' army in the NWA had an incredible understanding of the business. He just got it, knew how to carry himself and knew how to perform.

Many fans consider Rude's career to have come alive after his time in the WWE.

While working with Bobby Heenan, Rude angered WWE fans all over the world.His conceited behavior was undefeated.And his swagger had never been stronger.Certainly, Rude reached his peak in WWE.

Rude's induction into the Hall of Fame by Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat is only fitting. Rude and Steamboat had a great rivalry and many fans consider it to be the best for both men in Vince McMahon's company.

Beth Phoenix

Diva Beth Phoenix probably wasn't the first of her kind, but she was one of the best.

It was Chyna who established the bar for strong women in WWE, and it was Phoenix who arguably raised it.It was the modern-day Chyna gimmick and what she brought to the table in WWE.

.Phoenix was much more than just a Diva, and had she been signed during the Women's Revolution, she surely would have been elevated to the next level sooner rather than later.

There was no doubt that she was the real deal.

In 2017, Phoenix was the only inductee whose induction was controversial. However, it was not her fault, as many fans would have loved to see Chyna, or another deserving woman, get the honour instead.

Phoenix cannot be taken away from what she accomplished during her brief employment with WWE.Natalya, Natalya's tag team partner, will induct her on Friday.

WWE continues to give its women deserved praise, and now Phoenix is no exception.

Teddy Long

WWE fans mostly remember Teddy Long as the general manager of WWE's SmackDown brand.Unfortunately, they're missing out on a great deal of his pro wrestling career.

As a referee for Jim Crockett Promotions, Long was first known for his success.The Superstation TBS television show featured Long almost every Saturday as an official and manager. But his later stint as a manager really launched Long's career.

He may have been best known before WWE as the manager of Ron Simmons and Butch Reed's team, Doom.

Long was a street-smart businessman who pulled the strings for Doom and his smash-mouth duo.Russell and Simmons were both tough as nails, but they were also superb fighters.Besides managing The Skyscrapers, Long also managed "Mean" Mark Callous, who later became known as The Undertaker.

In spite of this, Long's work in WWE will likely always be remembered.

A cool GM.Besides being funny, he was always very real.Long was the man who brought it all back down to Earth in spite of the intensity and bizarreness of the world around him.He seemed as though he was a good guy who loved the business, and that's what a lot of people think about him.

Long will be inducted into the Hall of Fame along with Simmons.A perfect situation for Long and his fans who have always respected his work.

Diamond Dallas Page

The success of Diamond Dallas Page is perhaps the best example of what hard work and determination can accomplish for someone looking to enter the business.

It was during the territory days when DDP entered the world of pro wrestling that some guys became famous without working for McMahon.As a wrestler, Page was 35 years old when he broke into the business.

He was a superstar in every sense of the word.

It was always DDP's belief that he would succeed.Despite criticism from friends who thought he was crazy for starting late in life, DDP worked hard and earned everyone's respect.

Most importantly, he got over.

DDP was a popular star in WCW, and his popularity carried over to his time in WWE.Although DDP's popularity was not as high as it was earlier in his career, he is still a favorite of a range of ages.

He has earned this respect because of his work with DDP Yoga, the program that helped Scott Hall and Jake Roberts transform their lives.Despite Eric Bischoff's induction, the master of the Diamond Cutter has already reached a new level of respect because he has touched the lives of those around him.

The only thing that matters is that Page is in, not whether Hall or Roberts should have inducted DDP.It"s yet another impressive accomplishment for a man who never expected to go so far in his career.

The Rock "n" Roll Express

The WWE Hall of Fame induction of Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson is all the more surprising for two reasons.In addition to being a long time coming and a moment many believed would never come, it is also happening at Jim Cornette's hands.

Being a wrestling fan at this time is truly amazing.

For fans of the NWA, Morton and Gibson were the biggest stars."Rock 'n' Roll Express" was Jim Crockett Promotions' hottest tag team, living rock stars' lives long before the Shield.

The best thing about Morton and Gibson was their ring work.

Their style wasn't limited to just flash; they delivered between the ropes as well.Ricky and Robert had to make the most of their time in the ring when they were surrounded by stars like Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair and The Four Horsemen.

In this sense, they are perhaps the greatest all-around tag team in wrestling history.

At one time, Cornette was their chief rival. .Nevertheless, Cornette could have missed out on the Hall of Fame if that tendency had remained.

However, that is not the case and old-school fans will be reminded of how fun it was when The Rock 'n' Roll Express was inducted on Friday.Morton and Gibson are deserving of recognition for being an outstanding tag team from the past.

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle is back in his hometown.

Angle worked for 10 years for Impact Wrestling, formerly TNA.Having become such a star within that company, many wondered whether he would ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

We have finally reached that point.

The talent in this class is led by Angle, and for good reason.Perhaps no other talent has been as natural as the gold medalist from the Olympics.In a matter of weeks, he had picked up the business so quickly and so expertly that it seemed he was born to do it.

Pro wrestling ran in his blood, and he proved it in WWE.

While in WWE, he went from comedy to intense to a mix of both.

It was just the right time for Angle since he had the right work ethic to succeed in WWE.

It's clear WWE has booked the right presenter this time around - John Cena will induct Angle into the Hall of Fame.

It was Angle who began Cena's story, and Angle will enter the Hall of Fame as a deserving member as the first member.

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