So, in the deepening dusk, the stranger wandered around the property as the mother set the dining-room table and the father leaned covertly out of the window.Meanwhile, the children slept upstairs."Hey, where is he?" """".now?now? ", their mother asked.My father replied, "He went into the garage."

Immediately after the stranger finished looking around outside, she went to the back door and called for him to come inside when he was done looking around outside.

There is also a refrigerator and a stove in the kitchen; and the basement door leading to the basement.

As the stranger smiled, he concluded, ""Your kitchen is so delightful."" He stopped.It appeared he had little more to say.Then, "This is a controlled area.".I remember my mother-when we lived here-reveling in his words." His words trailed off into a dreamy silence, as the mother and father looked at each other with neutral expressions.

Without knowing what else to say, she asked, "Are you-close?

In spite of being distracted rather than rude, the stranger shrugged and proceeded to enter the living room.

Now limping, he went to the fireplace and traced his fingers across the mantle with excruciating slowness, as if testing its materiality.After a while, he simply stood and stared and listened."There used to be a large stain here, like a shadow here," he said, tapping the wall with his fingers.

"Were you there?

He murdered his mother.They'd never seen a water stain on the ceiling before.

The father, his face burning with resentment and his heart racing as if he were in the middle of combat, had no choice but to follow the stranger and the mother up the stairs.Trying to relieve them of stiffness, he flexed and unflexed his fingers.

The bedroom was one part he would not like to see.While speaking of this, he twitched as if he had been offered a disgusting snack.

The mother hurried ahead of the boy to warn him to straighten up a bit.There had been no expectation of a visitor this evening!

Again, he took out his handkerchief and diligently wiped his face.Then he made a visible attempt at composing himself.

Can we talk for a few minutes?

Despite the stranger's begging, the father was steadfast.His voice remained placid.Your visit is over."."

The door was shut and locked.

Finished locking it!

The stranger walked away-to the sidewalk, into the street, disappearing into the darkness.Had there been a power outage?

The mother leaned in behind her husband and touched his arm.She was flung away by the father without his even knowing what he had done.

I know.

As she walked into the kitchen, the lights were dim, and she could smell a sourish odor of smoke.

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