As we left off in Chapter 3 with the world of organized parties, we now venture into organized crime.As Nick the narrator of The Great Gatsby Chapter 4 discovers, the gangster Meyer Wolfshiem, Gatsby's business partner, has a brief audience with Nick.In Chapter 4, we see the seamier side of the get-rich-quick East Coast lifestyle just as we learn the story of Gatsby's first love for Daisy.

You must come to The Great Gatsby Chapter 4 to see the thwarted romance and human teeth as jewelry.

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The Great Gatsby: Chapter 4 Summary

On Sunday morning, people go back to Gatsby's. Rumors abound that Gatsby is a bootlegger and that he is the nephew of German General von Hindenburg.

Nick is picked up by Gatsby in his beautiful car in the morning and taken to Manhattan for lunch.

Nick and Gatsby don"t have much to say, but suddenly, Gatsby informs him that he will reveal all the truth about him.As Gatsby claims, he was born into an upper-class Midwestern family, that his parents are deceased, and that he earned his Oxford education according to family tradition.

Nick immediately suspects Gatsby of lying.

Continuing Gatsby's story, he bummed around Europe until the war, then fought bravely enough to earn awards from all of the Allied governments.Nick is shown a genuine-looking medal he has been inscribed with and a photograph from his time at Oxford.The latter convinces Nick.Is it really true that this crazy, too-good-to-be-true story is actually true?

Gatsby tells Nick that this information is a kind of payment he intends to ask for later - later, Nick will learn what the favor is from Jordan.

Nick meets Mr. Wilson in the gas station while driving to Manhattan.

When Gatsby is pulled over by a policeman, he shows the officer a white card and the officer apologizes and quietly waved him on.Gatsby insists this is because the police commissioner owes him a favor.

Nick revels in the "anything goes" nature of Manhattan as they drive past a funeral procession and a car with both black and white passengers.There's no sight of Jay Gatsby here.

During lunch, Gatsby introduces Nick to Meyer Wolfshiem, who is described in offensive anti-Semitic terms.Nick mocks Wolfshiem's mannerisms, speech patterns, and appearance, which he identifies with just as closely as to him being Jewish or a gangster.

"Wolfshiem remembers the gangland execution at another restaurant (and he was clearly involved in gang activity at that time).Nick remembers the case, in which the shooters were executed by electric chair.Wolfsheim thinks Gatsby introduced Nick as a business prospect, but Gatsby clarifies that Nick is just a friend.

After Apologizing for Not Informing Nick of the favor, Gatsby leaves Nick with Wolfshiem and makes a phone call, leaving Nick with Gatsby.Nick confirms Gatsby's Oxford connection with Wolfshiem.Wolfsheim then remarks that his own cufflinks are made of human molars, and out of nowhere says that Gatsby would never hit on a friend's wife.

The moment Gatsby returns, Wolfshiem takes off. .The idea that one man could have accomplished such a huge undertaking stuns Nick.

After seeing Tom in the restaurant, Nick goes over to say hi to him.Gatsby then withdraws from the group.

Nick later learned the following from Jordan:

While Jordan was 16 in 1917, she became friends with Daisy in Louisville.Daisy was 18 and was popular, had a white car, white clothes, and lots of boys were interested in her.

While Daisy was dating Jay Gatsby when she singled Jordan out as a new friend, she was having a romantic afternoon with Jay.

After a few years, Jordan heard about Daisy trying to run away from home to say goodbye to a soldier going overseas.

Daisy married Tom Buchanan six months later in the largest wedding of all time.Daisy received a pearl necklace worth $350,000 (in today's money over five million dollars) as a wedding gift from Tom.

The night before the wedding, Daisy was completely drunk and holding a letter. She pleaded with Jordan to call off the wedding, and she then crumpled the letter in the bathtub. But the next day, no one mentioned it, and the wedding went on as planned.

During their honeymoon, Daisy seemed in love with Tom, but he already was cheating on her.In the meantime, Daisy is unmarried - at least no one knows she has had affairs.

After Jordan finishes her story, she mentions that when Nick came to dinner with Daisy and Tom, it was the first time Daisy had heard the name Gatsby in all these years - and she realized he was the same Gatsby she had known in Louisville.

As Nick discovers the coincidence, he is amazed. .Nick and Jordan kiss.

I, for one, would love to see the flow chart of Gatsby"s elaborately laborious planning process. Its wheels within wheels are at "Count of Monte Cristo" level!