How to Make the Most of Baron Once You Have It

As one of the most difficult tasks in League of Legends, taking down Baron Nashor is no small feat.Often, this type of play requires the most cooperation between teammates, requires the longest time to kill, and is one of the riskiest plays a team can make.It is essential to ensure that the risk is worth the benefit, and you will be able to use the objective fully once it is captured.


In the previous Baron article, we discussed ways to safer secure the objective.

1. Back as soon as you can

As soon as you capture the objective in an even game, you need to back away and recall your position.By doing this, you reduce the chances of players on your team being picked off as well as your team losing the Baron buffs.

The general rule is that you shouldn't team fight right after gaining Baron because you can lose multiple players and buffs.Additionally, it reduces your income and snowball potential since less players are able to use it.Hence, you should back away immediately to take advantage of the buff.

The Baron also provides a great deal of gold.If you back away, you can spend your hard-earned gold, which can really make a difference in the next team fight or when you're sieging.You may wind up falling back into a deficit if you try to fight with several thousand gold and missing items.


Always remember when the game is even so you don't give the enemy an advantage.

If the enemy is not nearby (unless you want to spend your gold), or if the enemy is not alive, you do not have to go back.After all, it's better to be safe than sorry, but the outcome of a game can be affected by the wrong decision.

2. Split up and look for clues objectives.

The best thing you can do unless you have a poke or siege team is to split up and take multiple objectives in multiple lanes at the same time.A 1-4 or a 1-3-1 will most likely be ideal, depending on your team's composition.

Splitting up is not without its issues. .Furthermore, your middle lane teammates cannot die or get caught out, as this not only reduces their usefulness, but also limits what the split pushers can do as the enemy is able to rotate and outnumber their push.

An effective siege requires synergy and a proper Baron macro.As long as you do not understand this, the difficulty of getting into the enemy's base or taking away an objective will be very high for your team.

If your players are pushing in the middle lanes to take towers, your split pushers should almost be in line or ahead of your side lanes.Constant pressure on the enemy reduces their chances of protecting every objective.

By synchronizing your waves of minions, you can apply pressure simultaneously on two (or three) objectives.The enemies will have difficulty defending multiple towers, since they will have to split up in order to defend each one individually.They have fewer champions to defend their separate objectives, thereby reducing their defensive capabilities.Upon securing an objective, you can engage or pick off the defending players.By doing so, it leaves vulnerable the enemy's defense since they lack the players to defend each objective.

After taking the Baron, XL backtracked.Later, they splintered into two lanes and took the middle and bottom tier 2 towers.

If you see one lane pushing faster than another (very common in the middle lane because it is shorter), do not fast push or kill the minions in that lane.It should create more cohesion between the waves of minion waves.

Having said that, if your team is stronger than the opponents, it makes little sense to split up and prolong the fight if you can just win team fights.As a team, group up and try to siege and pick off players from the opposing team in skirmishes.

Vitality beat G2 5-0 in this LEC match, and Vitality never had to split up a lot and simply forced a team fight.VIT accomplished this because:

3. Speed up your Minions

The Baron buff can be used to speed up nearby allied minions and provide them with some benefits.The most effective way to use the Baron power play is by getting somebody (usually a support or a carry) to break away from their team to the approaching minion wave to speed them up.


With the minions coming in hot, you will be able to deal more damage and have a higher chance of destroying an objective in one shot.Essentially, your minions will reach their intended targets faster, allowing you to devote more time to gaining the objective.

Ultimately, it only takes one champion to buff up the whole wave of minions, so it's always a good idea for one ally to slip away to buff up the minions. If your team isn't caught, they're more likely to survive.

4. Protect the Cannon Minion

.The longer they live, the healthier they will be, the more damage they can deal, and the greater their ability to help you accomplish objectives.


It may be possible to body block some incoming damage to keep your Cannon Minions alive, depending on your champion.If you are a tank, one with lots of sustain, or someone who has a shield, it can often be worth taking a little bit more damage to extend the life of your Cannon Minion.

While it may seem a minute thing, the lack of the minion wave reduces your chances and makes taking towers more difficult.It is generally advised not to tank the tower, or you will find yourself standing around doing nothing while waiting for the next wave of minion wave.In the event of a longer wave, this downtime might be less or even nonexistent.

5. Be Patient

Baron's buff doesn't have the longest timer in the world, but it can be the difference between closing a game or extending it.

Fighting straight away or as soon as you see an enemy is not necessary.Just wait for the minions to do their thing and then take an objective.In this way, they can whittle away at the tower while you poke at the enemies.

Players often make the mistake of trying to team fight as soon as they spot an enemy.Unless you have a team fighting comp or win all your team fights, this wouldn't be the best idea, since you're likely to lose all your Baron buffs.

The action of taking objectives, or objectives themselves, tends to be forced by players.Although the buff doesn't last forever and you have to use it to take down a structure, it does last long enough for multiple waves of minion to attack it at once.The minions will chip away at the tower if you keep applying pressure, allowing you to siege over the course of a few waves.

Sieging slowly through multiple minion waves is advantageous rather than attempting to force an objective- a team fight that ends in failure and then losing the Baron buffs.As opposed to team fighting immediately after the Baron (or after recalling), try to siege instead.Take it slow while denying the enemy any breathing space to maneuver.

6. Do not make risky plays

Games can be thrown without your knowledge, and sieging an objective can quickly turn sour.You should avoid risky plays since the likelihood of winning is lower than you'd imagine.Risky plays are plentiful, but anything that is 50/50 is not worthwhile, as a shutdown on a key target can end the siege completely.

It is possible for your team to be unable to prevent the enemy from pushing you back and sieging your towers if a fed assassin makes a mistake while waiting in a bush or moving between lanes, etc.In this situation, a negative Baron power play can be created, and it can be very difficult to stop.


The switcheroo

It is advisable to never tackle a play that has no guarantee of success.If an enemy is 1v1'd, then it's time to start a team fight, do a tower dive, or even attempt to siege an objective.When you have a buff, use it to its fullest and get the most out of it instead of attempting a play that may backfire and result in a death.

Closing Thoughts

In order to win the game, you must extend your lead and make effective use of the Baron.Having an aced team can cost you your buff, and even the game if you make a mistake.In the game, there are so many simple things that look little on paper, but add up to be significant and that can benefit you.Keep an eye on your surroundings, where the enemy is, what your team is doing, and where the minions are.Using the constant awareness will allow you to make your Baron macro more accurate and consistent.