By all accounts, it appears that Dr. Nunez is IMMUNE to the zombie virus, but…what does that mean for The Walking Dead?

For those who have been following The Walking Dead universe as I have, this would mean that you've watched The Walking Dead (and Fear The Walking Dead) since the very first episode aired in 2005.

It's been an apocalypse you've witnessed, you've seen Rick's group receive an explanation from Dr. Jenner at the CDC, you've seen people survive amputations from walkers' bites, and now you've seen a virus spread that may have been the cause of the epidemic.

We have not yet seen anyone immune to the zombie virus, whichever it may be, in either series.


Lincoln plays Rick, Yeun plays Glenn, Cohan plays Maggie, Wilson plays Hershel, and Reedus plays Daryl - The Walking Dead, AMC

What do we do, then, if anyone can be immune to the virus, much less Dr. Nunez specifically?

Our characters' only similarity so far is their vulnerability to the undead and the diseases that fuel them.

How do things change when we discover someone who is immune?

How is the show affected by someone not affected by the bites of the undead?

Does the existence of people who are immune to the disease that created the infected make the danger of them lessen?

In order to answer that, we have to look at the person who started this immunity issue in the first place: Dr. Alejandro Nunez.

The Doctor Is In


Frank Dillane as Nick Clark, Paul Calderon as Dr. Alejandro Nunez - Fear the Walking Dead - Season 2, Episode 11

In Fear The Walking Dead Sunday, Dr. Nunez told Nick about the bite on his shoulder that was infected with a parasite.

A young addict was about to be thrown in with a collection of infected that the townspeople were preparing to exterminate when he received the rag.While trying to drag the young man to safety, he was bitten, but was then rescued by Luciana, who apparently helped nurse him back to health.

Dr. Nunez survived despite the fact he and Luciana expected that her efforts would only prolong the inevitable.His infected bite was not fatal.

Quite frankly, I cannot understand how Dr. Nunez could have missed an infected head so close to his own, but he was bitten and is still alive to tell the tale.The amazing thing is that he survived, without contracting the fever that claimed so many lives at this early stage of the apocalypse (like Jim, for example).

Does this make sense?


AMC's The Walking Dead tells the story of Candace Jenner, a doctor slowly transformed into a walker

I'd be inclined to disagree.Back in season one of The Walking Dead, Rick and his group learned of the tragic fate of Dr. Jenner's wife, Candace, who had become infected and eventually turned.

In the zombie universe, it would have been her job to keep infection and zombification at bay - heck, she ran the CDC!

Dr. Nunez's success pokes a huge hole in any theory that it's simple infections from bites that kill people and that he simply resisted the infection (which is comparatively unremarkable) and reinforces the theory that he's immune to the zombie virus in fact.

In light of this, we must ask: Does the possibility of someone being immune to zombie viruses impact the show?

Sadly, no.

The Immunity Question


The Walking Dead - AMC - follow a bloodied-eyed flu walker

Season four of The Walking Dead featured many victims of The Flu, including Glenn, Sasha, Karen, Patrick, and Lizzie.

.It was found that a great many more people had the disease's characteristic bloody eyes.

In spite of this, Hershel, Maggie, Rick, and Daryl had been in close proximity to people who had been carriers, but managed to stay clear of it.Why is this?

So my point is this: There have always been a few people through history whose bodies were resilient to deadly diseases, and who continued on even after a pandemic had swept through the population in full force.Dr. Nunez seems to be such a person.

What does this mean for The Walking Dead? Does it alter the storyline?


Photograph of the "CDC" by Lauren Roberts, 2015

The assumption is that he has antibodies that could be used to help fight off the infection; however, he has no means to replicate or distribute them as a vaccine, and he has no way of finding anyone who has them.

If his immunity takes away the threat from the infected, then that can be put to rest.Doctor Nunez is one of the few people who are immune to the zombie virus.Nevertheless, a herd or a bite to a vital area could still kill him.In some ways, his immunity just gives us a fresh perspective on the apocalypse.

In regards to Dr. Nunez's story, I am curious to see where it goes.Does he have a future?.Is he really immune?

The writers must not disappoint us.

But what do you think?.Does Dr. Nunez really have immunity?

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